I am a Chilean astronomer currently living in Chile. I did my Ph. D. in Astronomy in the University of Southampton (UK). I work for the Instituto de Astronomía at the Universidad Católica del Norte, pursuing my own line of research and also devoting part of my time to outreach activities.

I research cataclysmic variable stars (CVs), in particular U Gem and relatives.

Past and current jobs - CV

This list is mainly for my own sake:

I have been working for some time in a curriculum vitae generator but never seem to get round to finish the darned thing... Meanwhile you can download a (surely outdated) copy of my curriculum vitae by clicking here (PDF compressed and bzipped, ~140 kb).


You can use ADS to get a list of the articles I have published or in which I have collaborated somehow. Due to my Chilean 'double' last name (my father's and my mother's, in that order), things get mixed up sometimes, so I can be indexed as Unda, E. or as Unda-Sanzana, E., although I prefer the lattter. Clicking in the following links should be enough to search for both forms.

Search in ADS for Unda, E. articles.
Search in ADS for Unda-Sanzana, E. articles.

You can download a copy of my Ph. D. thesis by clicking here: A spectroscopic analysis of three cactalysmic variable stars (PDF compressed and bzipped, ~5Mb).

Other activities

I do tons of outreach and like to spend some of my free time programming. Currently I am very involved in the development of a versatile planetarium able to run on Perl-supported systems.


I prefer to be contacted by email in eundas AT almagesto DOT org Currently, this is my only email address, and I am trying to keep things that way!

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